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Creative director, cookbook designer and food photographer in London, Ontario.

I make books… the kind of books you would enjoy on a Sunday afternoon with a nice cup of coffee!

There's something magical about books, the sweet smell of ink and paper, the excitement of a new chapter, the improvised book markers and the memories that stay on the little corners of each page.

In 2017 I wrote my first book, The Forest City Cookbook. A tribute to culinary experiences, antiques, ingredients, chefs, artisans, traditions and people who eat together. I had to wear many hats to make this project happen, from project manager to producer, creative director, brand specialist, designer, photographer, stylist, videographer, writer, social media manager and finally... publisher! I loved the creative process so much that making more books became my main focus. Now I’d love to share all this knowledge and passion for books with you, helping you preserve your legacy too.

Books are special… and so is the people who read them! 

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I like being outdoors, working with my hands, looking for inspiration in small details, eating real food, reading, smiling for no reason, learning new things, being present and sharing stories of inspiring people. I am a little bit old school, still use a notebook, believe in the power of kindness, don't drink alcohol, move around with a bike and grew up in the Walkman era. If I could change something in modern society, it will be the time we spend in front of screens and how technology is making us less human. We are more connected than ever, and yet we seem to be getting more distant to one another.

Along with my creative partners, I love helping others craft memorable coffee table books to capture meaningful memories, share inspiring stories and pass their knowledge to the generations to come.


I can help you preserve your legacy.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING: Business plan development, creative direction, production, logistics, crowdfunding, legal Copyright advice, ISBN number registration, publishing.

PHOTOGRAPHY & STYLING: Professional food photography, portrait photography, event coverage, commercial photography, social media content creation, videography, food styling, prop sourcing, prop styling.

DESIGN & WRITING: Graphic design, layout design, cover design, branding, recipe development, writing & testing, book proposals, blogging, copyediting, indexing.

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