Choco-Pecan Cupcakes


New home = new stuff! We came to Canada with almost nothing, two suitcases each and all our fingers crossed. We were on a mission to leave fast and start over faster, so we decided to leave everything we had back home and start from scratch. Surprise, surprise, all little things matter. Our apartment was basically a bed (without a frame), a desk with a computer, a little dining table from Ikea, a set of 4 white plates, a knife and some basic kitchen utensils. A few months after my boyfriend and I became husband and wife, my dear aunt sent us a big box full of colourful things to bring light and joy to our new home. She called it a "wedding gift" but for us, it was more of an "immigration toolkit," as it had all the little things that can make a plain, almost empty apartment feel like a "home sweet home." One of those things was a cute little set of Easter decorations for cupcakes. We don't really celebrate Easter in Venezuela, but since we're now on a road to be Canadian, we decided to give it a try and learn from the Holiday.

We got Choco-Pecan Raw Cupcakes for Easter! Not a 100% traditional, but a really nice treat after all. There are tons of healthy options to share during special holidays. The best part is that you can enjoy them the day of, and you won't regret it the day after. HAPPY EASTER!!