Curly Zucchini Salad


HERE WE GO! The first recipe of this experiment called "online book." A few years ago a name came to me "BigVegBook," I was in my early years of being entirely vegan and thought about starting a compilation of recipes that I enjoyed eating. I didn't do anything with that name for a while, but it stayed at the back of my mind. In 2014, my boyfriend and I decided to leave our country due to its complicated political and economic situation. In a search for a better future we landed in London, Canada by the end of that same year, with high hopes and dreams and not many savings. The first few months were tough, mainly because our bodies are not used to freezing temperatures and of course, we arrived in the middle of a Canadian winter. To keep my mind busy while processing the immigration paperwork, applying for jobs, surviving the weather and fighting depression, I brought back "the name" and started BigVegBook. Not with the intention of becoming a famous blogger, but because of the need to "do something" that will distract me from the mixed emotions and stress of leaving my home country behind.

Let’s start with some basics… salads! A bright, colourful, crispy and flavourful salad to fight the whiteness of the snow.