From the roots up



What is the first thing you think when I say the word "restaurant"? ...... FOOD obviously. But in this case, the spotlight is on a different aspect of those magical places that delight your tastebuds. This is the interesting story of Yoda and Mike, a beautiful power couple from London, Ontario who decided to embark on the wonderful adventure of bringing to life their dreamed restaurant with their own sweat, laughs and tears.

I’ve always been curious of how things are done or where do they come from, specially if they have something to do with food, so after meeting Yoda a few months ago and finding out the great news, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to capture what it takes to transform a well established Vegan Restaurant into a dream come true.

Many hands helped in the process of renovating former VegOut spot; most of them friends and family, who found the time to help this amazing couple turn their ideas into realities. It was truly a cooperative project where everyone put a little piece of their heart into giving this place its own voice, a loud voice that will motivate you to connect to your roots, to be thankful for the earth and all of the little gifts she provides everyday and to be surrounded by all the positive energy and love that this great team of people has to offer. From a tree-root hanging from the ceiling to a wooden bar inviting you to have a drink, warm brown and emerald green walls, vivid paintings, antique kitchen utensils and the best collection of DIY lamps, all carefully displayed though the dinning room carrying little histories and special meanings within. From the most noticeable to the tiniest details, you will find something new every time you pass through the door.

But all of this didn’t happen overnight, it took a lot of hard work, dedication and creativity. Long hours working non-stop, zero days off, sore muscles, stressful deadlines, lots of inspections and difficult obstacles that came along the way before actually beginning with the real thing.   Lots of things were happening every minute and even when you think it’s a tiny little detail, all of them mattered when you take a look at the bigger picture. That’s the part that nobody is aware of and those little details were the ones I wanted to capture as a reminder that the only way for achieving goals is by working really hard for them.  I’m 100% sure that all of the sacrifice will have great outcome, making every guest feel at home, pleased and happy even before taking a look at the menu. That been said, if you don’t come for the unique concept of combining high end gourmet plantbased food with the best selection of local wines (who on Earth would want to miss that), you will totally need to come for the special vibe and the fun little secrets, all hidden in plain sight, waiting for you to discover them. One way or the other, you will end up coming more often that you imagine for this addictive combination of experiences (guaranteed).

Here is a small taste of everything that happened behind the curtain during renovations and the proof that the smallest details can carry the biggest meanings. As I said before, this is not about food, this is about what happened right before finally starting to cook.



Alright, it wasn't all that bad! The truth is that every single person that helped with this project had a huge smile on their faces at all times, it was almost impossible not to laugh with them; always making jokes, telling fun stories and keeping the positive energy and great vibes UP UP no matter what :) Now it's time for you to smile with them at Glassroots, a place made with love with the only purpose of sharing love. Join the Family!

Thank you guys for being such an amazing people! <3