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Diversity. It is an interesting concept, especially in creative practices. Most creatives start by trying different areas of expertise before discovering their "niche" market. It is believed to be a good thing to focus on one thing at a time, and get really good at it. Most of the times, I agree with that idea as it is the reason why I focused my career on food photography. Once I discovered that food is what makes me tick creatively, there was no turning back. Sometimes, there's an exception to the rule though. Every now and then it is good to get back to forgotten practices, dusting off some old skills and learning new tricks from other areas.

This year, my friend Charlie and I started evaluating the idea of partnering up to launch a boutique marketing agency. Our styles are very different, and so are the kind of projects we like, but we decided to give it a try anyway. Our first client was Metrix Realty Group. The founder, Dan Van Houtte, was already familiar with Charlie's work, so he fully trusted us to redesign his website. Right after doing a little bit of research, I realized I knew nothing about his industry, the vital world of real state appraisals. I had to dig in a little, learn the basic terminology and try to understand Dan's world before our first meeting.

Some clients are just the best! What I mean by that is that some people are clear on what they want but also allow enough room for creativity. We started by defining the key points and structure of the website. We established the narrative and compiled the company's mission, vision and services in a simple message, easy to assimilate by people who are familiar with the industry and those who aren't.

The following steps included designing visual icons for each service offered. To match with the company's brand, the icons needed to be straightforward, formal and easily recognizable.

The next stage was creating individual bios for each team member, with their corresponding portraits. Metrix's core values are being "trusted • valued • experienced," and for achieving them, they rely on their team members and their expertise.

Part of the imagery created also included "behind the scenes" of the office environment, the collaboration between team members and the attention to detail they dedicate to each case.

The end result was a modern yet elegant customization that captured all the essential elements they were aspiring to share, providing a more approachable website that stands out among their competitor’s sites.

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