Raw Kale Soup


Little and simple things. A few years ago Kale became mainstream. It has been around for ages, but for some reason, no one paid much attention to it until now. Yes, it has all the nutrients it claims to have, but so does spinach, lettuce, swiss chard and most leafy greens. We were not as "trendy" back in Venezuela, some farmers grew it, but it wasn't part of the majority of people's shopping bags, so the lower the demand - the lower the production. It wasn't until I moved to North America that I jumped on the Kale wagon and started adding it to everything, every day. This soup is a combination of something we were used to eating every day back home in Venezuela (Avocados) and something I started eating every day in my new home in Canada (Kale). A nutrients power-house to boost your day! EAT GREEN!