The Forest City Cookbook is a tribute to chefs and farmers. There is something humbling and special about working with your hands to provide for others. Artisans who work with their hands leave behind a part of themselves in every piece. There is no possible way to substitute the creativity of an artisan, their style, dedication, love and pride associated with craftsmanship. It’s a utopian dance between the heart and mind of the artist who dreamed up the object, and the hands that bring it to life.

We all need to eat, and as much as we need good quality ingredients, we also need to establish positive relationships with the hands that feed us… and always remember to say “Thank You!”

©2017AlieskaRobles London, Canada


Ingredients are not just something we chew on, they’re life! Never forget where your food comes from and always remember to be thankful to Mother Earth and the farmers who grow food for us the right way! We only have one planet to call home, love it with all your heart and take good care of it!

©2017AlieskaRobles London, Canada


What is the first thing you think when I say the word "restaurant"? ...... FOOD obviously.  But in this case, the spotlight is on a different aspect of those magical places that delight our tastebuds, it's about the story of Yoda and Mike who decided to embark on the adventure of bringing to life their dreamed restaurant with their own sweat, laughs and tears.

It took a lot of hard work, dedication and creativity. Long hours working non-stop, zero days off, sore muscles, stressful deadlines, lots of inspections and difficult obstacles that came along the way before actually beginning with the real thing.  That’s the part that nobody is aware of and that's exactly what I wanted to capture as a reminder that the only way for achieving goals is by working really hard for them.

Here is a small taste of everything that happened behind the curtain during renovations and the proof that the smallest details can carry the biggest meanings. As I said before, this is not about food, this is about what happened right before finally starting to cook.

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Lift project engineered and produced by Carl Matthes from the original song "Changing" by Sigma ft Paloma Faith.

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I'm not sure how far back people begin to think that food comes from the "store", when it actually comes from our one and only Mother Earth. This may seem pretty obvious to some, but in a society where everything must be pasteurized, filled with additives, packaged and distributed in boxes inside of bigger boxes; somehow we forget the soil, seeds and water, not to mention the animals and people that make up real food to begin with. 

I'm not trying to throw dirt on industries but to reminisce and show the beautiful work that farmers do every day to grow life. My intention is to create consciousness about eating simple food again and get back to the beginning of the food chain, where we connect with the Earth and eat real and nutritious food again.

©2014AlieskaRobles Buenos Aires, Argentina


Simple things are often full of complex hidden beauty. Savour the ingredient's true taste and experiment in the kitchen with the different textures, shapes and aromas, instead of microwaving boxes. Eating should not be only chewing something that tastes good, it should be a complex wonderful experience!

©2014AlieskaRobles Buenos Aires, Argentina


Sometimes we forget to appreciate “the other”; the guy who’s there every morning serving us coffee, the man who everyone complains about because of the noise during construction, the fella who fixes our car so that we will be safe on the road, the one who brings us flowers and makes us smile. This is just a simple reminder to always be thankful.

©2014AlieskaRobles Buenos Aires, Argentina