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Creative director, cookbook designer and food photographer in London, Ontario.

I am a creative director, cookbook designer and food photographer.

Along with my creative partners, I craft beautiful coffee table books that capture meaningful memories and share inspiring stories! 

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Let's work together on your next culinary adventure! 

After over a decade of working in different creative fields, I acquired the skills and expertise required to help you create your dream book. Along the way, I partnered with independent, creative and talented artists, growing into a boutique creative studio that specializes in cookbooks and culinary publications. We can help you with the following aspects of your next special book:


Project management & Consulting

Business plan development. Creative direction. Production. Logistics. Crowdfunding advice. Legal Copyright advice. ISBN number registration. Publishing.

Photography & Styling

Professional food photography. Portrait photography. Event coverage. Commercial photography. Social media content creation. Videography. Food styling. Prop sourcing. Prop styling.

Graphic design & Writing

Graphic design. Layout design. Cover design. Branding. Recipe development, writing & testing. Book proposals. Blogging. Copyediting. Indexing.


"The success of every project lies in the heart of the makers and the creative eyes of the artists who capture their passion.”